Educational Animals of CLAWS

Below are the animals that are available for educational programs. We are very careful to ensure that our animals, as well as our participants are safe and happy. Some of the species we take in simply are not suitable for programs with small children, we will be happy to help you choose which animals are most appropriate for your event.

Only birds will be at any outdoor events.

CLAWS is one of only 17 licensed raptor educators in the state of North Carolina.

The health of our animals is very important to us. All of our animals are seen by a vet a minimum of once a year for a physical. Each has any shots that are appropriate, all that can be are vaccinated for rabies and other things (this includes skunk, foxes, raccoon and kinkajous) are, and all are tested for parasites at least yearly and wormed regularly as a preventative.



kinkabrat Kinkajous
Available for certain programs

Gidget and Gadget Arctic Marble
Available only for specific shows

Gidget and Gadget Grey Fox
Ask about availability
Sponsored by Shelly

Striped Skunk
Available for programs and parties 

Sponsored by Britton and Gail

sissy2 Patagonian Cavy
Available for programs


Available for programs
Sponsored by Carol

rocky199 Raccoon
Available for programs, and parties


poe American Crow
Available for programs

DSC 9604a Barred Owl
Available for programs

alf5 Eastern Screech Owl
Available for programs

khalitra Great Horned Owl
Available for programs

kestrel14 American Kestrel
Available for programs

kiwi1 Coopers Hawk
Available for programs

fluffy2 Black Vulture
Available for programs

Grip African Raven
Available for programs

watoni Barn Owl
Available for programs
Sponsored by Shelley and Mike
raul2 Red Tailed Hawk
Available for programs
Sponsored by Shelley and Mike
tahgridcombover Red Shouldered Hawk
Available for programs

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